Families and individuals with challenges such as economic limitations, social isolation, physical or developmental disabilities and/or long-term illness often do not have the same level of access to the arts and cultural community as those without those challenges. For more than 40 years, ArtReach has been committed to ensuring that these families and individuals have proper access to arts and cultural activities in their community. With the support of over 100 arts and cultural organizations, businesses and individuals, ArtReach distributes donated tickets to nearly 35,000 kids, teens, adults, families and elderly each year.

"I am certain, that because of ArtReach, my children's lives have been changed. You have made a difference and enriched my family beyond belief."

— Foster Family Recipient


Each year over 150 human service nonprofits and government agencies pay an annual membership fee, which opens the door to the arts and cultural community for people who may not otherwise be able to open the door on their own. Once an organization becomes a member, they enjoy ArtReach's Community Ticket offerings on a weekly basis at no additional charge. Fees for the first year of membership range from $125-$250 dollars. Considering the average value of a ticket donated to ArtReach is $20, members who use just 10 tickets in one year recover the cost of membership.


ArtReach partners with over 100 local arts and cultural organizations to provide about 1,000 different events each year. Members can expect opportunities to attend events and facilities such as;


  • Provides access to over 100 arts and cultural facilities, year-round, at no additional charge once membership dues are paid.
  • Relieves activity staff by consolidating ticket donation resources, reserving accessible audience needs and coordinating important details related with attending events.
  • Enhances and expands programs and activities.
  • Re-integrates clients into social settings.
  • Provides incentives and rewards for good behavior.
  • Increases independence for those with limited or no means of transportation.
  • Creates memories for individuals and families in need.
  • Artistic experiences become a catalyst for expression, creativity, inspiration and healing.


Member agencies are organizations in the Denver area serving under-served and at-risk individuals including people with disabilities, economic or other disadvantages. Agencies include youth development, senior support, low-income and group homes, Title I schools, hospitals, rehabilitation programs and human service agencies.



"My daughter Kim and I thoroughly enjoyed the Colorado Ballet's production of Don Quixote. It was so rewarding to see Kim's enthusiastic reaction to her first ballet experience. She was enthralled by the grace of the dancers and she loved the color and variety of the costumes and sets. Thank you for your generosity in promoting the arts to families like mine. I hope you can know the real difference you make in the growth and life experiences of the children in Jefferson County."

— The Dominguez Family


"Our folks were able to follow the story better with live people than the movies. It held their interest so much better. They laughed, got choked up and teary. It was so much fun for us to see the play and to see them so involved."

— North Metro Community Services


"We would not be participating in these cultural attractions without ArtReach. Going with six other residents of our building gave us an opportunity to get better acquainted, broadened our horizons and strengthens the Montview Manor Community. This, of course, in turn, strengthens our city- all of Denver."

— Sid and Polly

"The Ballet was beautiful and my sister enjoyed it so much. She could still really relate to and remember the dancing. It was wonderful and your program made our afternoon so beautiful."

— Alzheimer's Association

To donate event tickets, please contact Karla Johnson-Grimes.

To become a member organization, please contact Karla Johnson-Grimes.

*All ticket donations to ArtReach are tax deductible to the face value of the ticket.