Arts Benefiting Kids

The Arts Benefiting Kids Programs takes place in two different settings: school settings and community settings.

School Settings

The school settings component is offered to elementary schools in the Denver Public Schools and provides children with a safe and comfortable environment (their school) to learn the benefits of creative expression. For most participants in this program, this is their only exposure to the arts. Professional artists become mentors and provide positive role models for students who are highly impressionable and are seeking direction in their lives. Through music, dance, visual arts, storytelling, theater, poetry and creative writing, these children discover and develop personal talents, which last a lifetime.

Community Based Settings

The alternative settings component targets children from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, and children in agencies, which address substance abuse, mental health problems, crime prevention and dropout prevention. This program is living proof that arts can offer a positive alternative, enhance self-esteem and offer a sense of purpose.

The Denver County Tier III Cultural Council, in conjunction with ArtReach, offers the Arts Benefiting Kids Program (ABK) during the school year. The program will be offered to a select number of elementary schools and community-based agencies in the Denver area. All selected schools, and community-based agencies, will become member agencies of ArtReach. Member agencies must pay a fee of $800.00 if accepted into the program prior to any programs beginning within that agency. The fee is to insure that agencies will make a commitment to partnering with ABK providers to insure a quality arts experience for the students.

There are four components to this program:

  • On site workshops
  • On-site performances
  • Trips to tour museums
  • Free tickets

Please visit us soon for application deadline for 2009/2010 school year.

Arts Benefiting Kids Selection Process/Criteria

Agency Participation Criteria

D.P.S. Elementary/K-8 Schools and Community Based Agencies serving youth in the Metro Denver area are invited to apply for participation in the Arts Benefiting Kids Program based on the following criteria:

  1. All schools and agencies selected for participation in the ABK Program will be accessed an $800 fee for inclusion in the program. This fee is to insure that schools and agencies will make a commitment to partnering with ArtReach and ABK to insure quality arts experience for the participants.
  2. Schools and agencies must show a need for arts programming and have a commitment to bringing the arts to their school or program.
  3. Schools and agencies must serve children who would not have the opportunity to be involved in the arts without this program.
  4. A contract between ArtReach and each school and agency will outline the responsibilities of the artists teaching and performing, as well as those of the participating schools and agencies. ArtReach reserves the right to cancel any program that is not being managed appropriately.
  5. Schools and agencies will provide at least one ABK contact person who will oversee all of the components of the program including student recruitment for workshops, overseeing the schedules for workshops, performances and field trips, permission forms, attendance/roster forms, evaluation paperwork, and scheduling activity assistants for workshops.
  6. Participation will be contingent on the ability of the school or agency to be involved in the planning process and their ability to implement the program with adequate staff support.
  7. School and agency contacts will be required to attend a mandatory 1-1/2 hour orientation in the spring. ArtReach teaching artists and staff will be in attendance to facilitate the planning process. This orientation is scheduled for Monday, April 10th.
  8. Schools and agencies will provide a staff or community member to be an active assistant in each workshop and staff will need to be present during all performances.
  9. Schools and agencies will provide adequate space for workshops and performances.
  10. Schools and agencies will support the ABK Art Show by submitting examples of student's artwork produced in ABK workshops. Schools and agencies will also work with ArtReach to encourage students, personnel, families and others to attend the Art Show.

Arts Benefiting Kids Participating Agencies List

DPS Schools

Barney Ford
Place Bridge
Smith Renaissance

Community Based Organizations

Denver County

PACE Program, Catholic Charities
Tennyson Center

Adams County

B&G Shopneck
Coronado Hills Elementary

Arapahoe County

Jefferson Hills Aurora

Jefferson County

Jefferson Hills Lakewood

Lawrence Elementary

For additional information, contact Sarah Gulinska.

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