ArtReach programs increase arts access for under-served populations through ticket distribution (Community Tickets), transportation (Arts Express) and hands on activities (Visionary Arts).

Community Tickets

The Community Tickets program distributes donated tickets to cultural, community, sports and arts events to individuals in various communities. Donor organizations provide tickets that are distributed to membership agencies. Agencies in turn provide their clients with tickets, allowing individuals to experience various events. The Community Tickets Program provides some individuals with their only outside activities and is the original program that started ArtReach.

For additional information, contact Karla Johnson-Grimes.

Arts Express

Transportation can be a barrier when attending an event, even when the ticket is donated. Through the generosity of the Helen K. and Arthur E. Johnson Foundation, ArtReach is able to provide funding for transportation.

For additional information, contact Karla Johnson-Grimes.

Visionary Arts

Visionary Arts focuses on providing human service organizations with the resources needed to help their clients learn a variety of art disciplines from professional artists through hands-on workshops and live arts performances. ArtReach provides organizations with the tools they need to ensure their arts programming is as strong as their recreation and academic programs.

For additional information, contact Karla Johnson-Grimes.