How to Become a Member Organization

The Community Tickets Program distributes donated tickets directly to human service organizations, hospital programs and schools who are affiliated with ArtReach. These organizations then distribute the tickets they receive to the people they serve.

ArtReach does not give out tickets to individuals. If you are an individual interested in receiving tickets please view our list of affiliated agencies, and you may discover that you belong to one of them. If you are a member of an affiliated agency, you will want to contact them directly about receiving tickets.

ArtReach accepts applications for new members on an on-going basis. Memberships are good for a year. The registration fee for the first year of membership is $250.

ArtReach Agency Selection Criteria

For eligibility, ArtReach member agencies must meet these requirements

  • Offer direct services through their organization to populations that are "at risk, underserved, or who struggle with issues such as economical challenges, physical, mental or developmental disabilities, chronic, terminal or mental illness, emotional or behavioral problems, substance abuse, court-appointed care or isolated from society."
  • Have nonprofit status, be a government agency, school or hospital program. While for-profit hospitals are not eligible, programs associated with any hospital that serves those with chronic, terminal or long-term illness are eligible. Churches, temples or other places of worship are not considered an eligible human service organization for membership. However, a religiously affiliated program may be considered appropriate if that program is providing direct services to a special needs population as defined above and is open to any special needs person, whether or not the person is affiliated with a particular religious group.
  • Reside in Colorado.

Special Criteria...

  • Senior centers must be located in low-income or poverty areas as defined by state and local authorities with at least 75% of members on a meal plan or other program that serves low-income, isolated or disabled seniors.
  • School must be located in a low-income area, serving a student body in which at least 75% of the children receive free and reduced lunch. Special programs within schools are eligible to participate in ArtReach if they specifically serve disabled or at-risk individuals.
  • Hospital programs (hospice, support groups for those dealing with terminal or chronic illness, etc.) must show proof of a legitimate program. Examples can be printed brochure about program, article in newsletter or media article, information on web site, etc. Must also show proof of associated foundation or associated 501(c)3.

To request an application, or for more information on membership, please contact Karla Johnson-Grimes at the link or at 303-433-2882 ext. 752.

ArtReach is an equal opportunity agency. ArtReach does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, military status, or status as a Vietnam-era or special disabled veteran in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.